Baker River and surroundings

The Baker river located to the south of the Aysén region, corresponds to the mass of water with the largest flow of Chile. This giant presents an impressive turquoise and is surrounded by the beginnings of Campo de Hielo Norte, being one of the most impressive landscapes of the Patagonia.

The Baker is a river which relies primarily on a large population of rainbow trout very healthy and to lesser extent trout torrents of considerable size. While it is a large river this presents various structures allowing you to fish both embarked as wading depending on the time during the season.

Our favorite time to fish this destination, it is in the months of start of season, corresponding to October and November, where the river presents its lowest flow allowing wading through the islands that  forms in the top in search of rainbow trout that are coming out of its spawning period and beginning its feeding process. During the rest of the season the river is increasing its flow to reach its maximum in the months of summer product from melting glaciers, situation that will change fishing strategies.

Within the fishing destinations in this area is also the Cochrane River, General Carrera Lake, Bertrand Lake, etc.

During the duration of this program, the stay is in Green Baker Lodge, located on the banks of the majestic Baker.

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