Coyhaique Area

The Coyhaique area has the great particularity that on a reduced range of distance count with an endless number spots of fishing waters, where each of them presents features and different fishing conditions. This is why that Coyhaique has become an extremely attractive area due to the fact that during an average stay each fisherman can deal with different situations in all sessions. Our fishing program is flexible and we adapt to your preferences, so we don’t have a pre-established program.

In the area we find structures for all types of fishing according to the chosen location and the date of visit during the season. Fishing can be done both from wading and from special boats according to your preferences and conditions of rivers.

Some of the most emblematic places of the area that we fish regularly are present bellow. To the above we must add a series of small rivers and little spots such as: mountain streams, lakes, spring creeks, water outlet of lakes, etc. However this is not mean all, we have our secrets!

Main rivers: Simpson River, Mañihuales River, Paloma River, Emperador Guillermo River,  Huemules River, Aysén River.

Main Lakes: Atravesado Lake, Monreal Lake, Azul Lake, Elizalde Lake, Frio Lake and Pollux Lake.

*As optional to this program, we can visit the area of Cerro Castillo by the day or add part of the Lakes fishing program spending the night in the area.

A type day in the surroundings of Coyhaique.

8:00-8:30 am: Departure from the lodge to the selected destination previously.
9:30 am: Arrive at the fishing spot, where we will fish until it is necessary to take a rest and replenish energy with a gourmet lunch in the fishing spot.
7:30 pm: Time to return to the lodge. This is flexible, if you want to fish the hatching of last hour or spend more time on the river, feel free to tell us. We don´t have schedules.
8:30 – 9:00 pm: Arrival at the lodge, where we expect with a comforting pisco sour. Dinner at the Lodge or local restaurant.

The duration of the programs that we offer is flexible; you choose how long you want to be in the area. We recommend at least 4 full days of fishing. If you want to fish from your arrival at the airport and not lose time or a full day, feel free to mention it and we will coordinate it.

The equipment to be used in this area corresponds mainly to rods of numbering 5 or 6, where 5 is the favorite. Principally used floating lines of type WF (weight foward). As flies, we invite you to contact us to obtain the specific listing according to the period in which you like to visit us.