The fishing in the Aysén region can be converted into one of the more attractive and exciting experiences, given the large number of suitable areas for the development of the activity that possess a very high quality of fishing, both in average sizes of the trout as quantity of them. In addition, it should be noted the presence of Chinook salmon in the main rivers of the region .The headquarter of Koon is the area of Coyhaique, capital of the Aysén region.

Coyhaique Area

The Coyhaique area, is known worldwide for the famous Simpson River and Ñirehuao River, however its main characteristic which makes it invaluable is the great amount of water courses that we find around it. In this area we can find from rivers of great dimensions that are floated in rafts or cataraft, to small streams of pampas or spring creek. In addition there is a large number of lakes and lagoons of different scale, where we can catch more frequently bigger trout. Coyhaique is a paradise for fishing with dry flies and that’s why is worldwide recognized as the capital of the dry fly in Patagonia.

Fishing which is carried out in Coyhaique relies mostly on fishing with floating fly lines, using dry flies and nymphs, where a rod #5 is transformed into one of the measures more versatile and appropriate to cover different waters that the area offers.

Cerro Castillo and Baker River

Koon outfitters not only specialize in the area of Coyhaique, but also in the areas of Cerro Castillo and Baker River. The area of Cerro Castillo, located to the south of the region, approximately 100 kms from Coyhaique, presents a circuit of lakes and lagoons, where the fishing is combined with one of the most imposing scenarios of Patagonia. It should be noted that the fishing in this area is one of the best in what fishing lakes is concerned, but it is limited to this type of fishing. Principally it is fished with terrestrials when the conditions allow it and also you can do sight fishing regularly.

In the area of the Baker River, which is located 300kms south of the city of Coyhaique, where we have the opportunity to fish the mighty river of Chile. While it is a large river, this counts with an endless numbers of structures in each and every one of its corners. In addition, we have the option of fishing the general Carrera Lake and Bertrand Lake, and one of the most beautiful rivers of the world, the Cochrane River.

For the more adventurous who are looking for an extreme fishing, we have a series of program according to the period of the season. Contact us for more information.

Each of the area mentioned above, has an ideal time for fishing. These times are given by the marked climatic changes in the region. In spring we suggest as a destination area of the Baker River and the area of Cerro Castillo. During the high season we primarily fish the Coyhaique area and combinations of programs, then to pass to the special autumn programs.

If you want more information about each of the programs, we invite you to review the programs section or contact us directly.

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