Special programs

During the periods of start of the season (October) and end of season (April), we have special programs for the most adventurous anglers who want to go in search of trophy trout in places most remote and difficult to access. These programs can be made both camping as using facilities that we have carefully selected.

At the beginning of the season fishing mainly focuses on the search for rainbow trout trophies which are returning to their normal life cycle after its spawning period. In the nearby months at the end of the season (early May), the fishing focuses to capture brown trout which are on the way to the sectors where subsequently in the months ahead will make their spawning grounds.

In addition to this season, there is the opportunity to fish lakes and river inaccessible by road using helicopter.

For greater consultation on this type of program, please don’t think twice and write to us, and soon we will give you the attempt alternatives for the date of visit.