How to get here from EEUU:

We recommend fly with Lan airlines. Your international flight almost always will arrive between 6:00 and 10:00 am to Santiago, Chile. After passing immigration you will have to do connection, also with Lan airlines, to the Balmaceda airport, where you will be met by us to start your fishing trip.

How to get here from Santiago:

You have to take a flight from the international airport to Balmaceda airport; we recommend that you take the first flight of the day with Lan airlines, so as to be able to take advantage over time of the first day. Once in Balmaceda, you will be met by us to start your fishing trip.


The weather in Patagonia can be very tough, but during the fishing season the climatic conditions are friendly the most of the time. The range of temperature between the day and afternoon vary in  the 10°C and the 25°C, in the night returns to go down to 7°C . But also, Patagonia is well known for the dramatic changes of the weather in just one day, “you can pass all the seasons in one day..”So sometimes the weather is just unpredictable.


Due to our changing climate, even if it’s summer and we have very hot days, cannot miss a warm sweater, a good waterproof jacket and footwear for all types of time. It is important also bring sunglasses, and sunscreen, the UV rays are very strong in the Patagonia.

Fly Fishing Tackle

For fishing tackle don’t hesistate to contat us and will give you a complet list of the fishing equipment required depending of the trip you are planning with us (rods, lines,flies). If you don’t got equipment or you don’t want to travel with we can supply it!!. For flies we got a full stock of the best patters for each area.

The basic equipment base is a 5 or 6 (wf) weight fly rod fully equiped with floating and fast sinking line. Normally we used 9 foot leader in a range of 2-4x. Wading equipments due to the weather conditions is required but always there’s a chance to wet wade during the summer. If You are bring felt wading boot we recommend to bring a new or desinfected pair to prevent invasive species.

For more deails ask for the equipment check list.